Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Block 15

Good Afternoon, Ladies!!!

Here is Block 15 of the Midsummer CQ... if it seems like I'm going backwards, it's because I'm embroidering the blocks in the opposite direction of the numbering... or something like that! Anyway, this block is finished and I really like some of the seam treatments that came out of it (as always, click to embiggen).
Block 15
Since these blocks are now all moonlit, I'm trying to make the seam treatments a little softer and I'm putting in more curves. I don't want to go overboard, though, since this is supposed to be very much in the background. I'm going to have to do something about the seam treatment in the upper right hand corner... the stitches should have been along the top of the seam, rather than on the bottom where other seams join it. I'll probably just mirror the existing stitches along the top of the seam... it will look much better. Ah, well... it is a learning process, isn't it?

Here are a couple of closeups of various seam treatments:
Block 15 - Pekinese stitch
This is Pekinese stitch using silk floss and #5 perle cotton. It's rather fiddly to get the loops to lay just right but it really makes a nice seam treatment.

Block 15 - woven chain stitch
Here is a woven chain stitch made with Caron's Watercolours (I think). This was just playing around but it worked!

Block 15 - long-armed feather stitch
I like the different looks that you can get with feather stitch, in this case it is a long-armed feather stitch in a varigated floss. On the right is a laced chain stitch with lazy dazy stitches, made using silk floss and #8 perle cotton.

I'm coming in to the home stretch on the border blocks... I am soooooo ready for some color in my stitching!!! Don't get me wrong, I love the monochromatic work I've been doing, but it sure is getting boring. I will be very glad to venture into the center blocks with lovely greens, teals, pinks, & purples! WooHoo!!

Hope to be back in a few days... work has been keeping me chained up, but hopefully things will die down a bit (just not tooooo much!) I hope everyone's 401K is still alive and kicking, that all companies are solvent, all significant others are employed, and you all have a full tank of gas. ;0)

Take care and I'll talk at you later!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Block 16 and the Phoenix Farmer's Mkt

This block has been done since last week but I haven't blogged about it yet. I know, bad blogger, but life and my wonky digestive system (mostly the latter) have kept me rather distracted. But, it is done and so I shall present it for your perusal...
Block 16
There aren't too many extra special seams on this block, but I did try out a new stitch... double chain stitch. It did the job but I need to practice a bit more with it. It's on the right hand seam of the dark triangle on the left... embiggen the block and you can sorta see it.

The one seam I do rather like on this block is this one...
Block 16 - Herringbone
My favorite stitch, herringbone, with some additional straight stitches to add some more interest. These stitches are pretty long and were buckling rather badly, so I tied them with a straight stitch. I thought I was using the same color of perle cotton but when I was done I realized it was darker; however, I think it gives much more interest to the stitch.

Yesterday, Sharonb highlighted Dover Publications Weekly Sampler. I've been receiving the Sampler for quite some time; in fact, I think Sharon was the one who originally brought it to my attention a while back. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I finally caved and did some shopping when I received a Dover email with a $15 coupon (every little bit helps!). I picked up a couple of books to help with Midsummer, a Butterfly book and a Fairies & Elves book, both with iron-on transfers. I need some help in the drawing department!

I also picked up a Decorative Letters book & CD, a Victorian Monograms book & CD, and a Ornaments and Designs book & CD... all for future projects. Of course, I did a little Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers for some cute grandkids I know!

I've also been taking a class from the Phoenix Permaculture Guild on gardening in this desert I live in. I resisted it as long as I could but the lure of gardening drew me back into it's grubby arms! The class is held at the community building next to the Downtown Phoenix Farmer's Market so I've been coming home with lovely local tomatoes, basil, goat cheese, olive oil and wonderful, wonderful bread to enliven our weekend meals.

Here's a couple of my pictures from week before last, they start lining up very early to get in and get the best veggies!
Phx farmer's mkt

And this guy has chicken, duck and peacock eggs... I just got the chicken. ;0)
Phx farmer's mkt eggs.

OK... I think I'm all linked out, now!! Talk to you soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Remember...

There are moments in our lives that stay with us forever. These moments resonate through the years, floating out of our memories unannounced and unbidden. I have a few... Nov. 22, 1963 - the day John F. Kennedy died; Oct. 22, 1979 - the day my father died; and September 11, 2001 - the day the Pentagon was attacked, the day a field in Pennsylvania became a grave for heros... the day a nation and a world watched in disbelief as the World Trade Center collapsed.

Collapse of World Trade Center