Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey, ladies... hope all is well in your world this beautiful December day! It's been more than a few days; however, I have progress to show you. Here is the total quilt as it stood last weekend. Of course, it's still in pieces and chunks, but you can get the overall idea. I'll be putting narrow borders between the outer blocks and the center portion, but I'm not sure of the fabric yet.
Total quilt - half way

Here's the center portion, all pieced together now. I've added leaves to the trees, as well as short stacks of beads and leaf beads to give it some depth and life. I also added a couple of button clusters in the upper reaches of the tree. I will probably add at least one more, but I'm not sure where it will reside.
Center - eglantine

Here's a closeup of some of the work on the tree. I spent ALOT of time doing buttonhole stitch leaves!!
Tree closeup

Along the twisting runners and vines I have added vintage sequins as eglantine (sweet briar rose).
Ferns and eglantine

Now we are moving on to the blocks along the right and left borders. Here I've added a tall grass bunch to try and make it feel like you are peering through the grasses on the edge of the glade. Sort of. ;0) Anyhoo... here is the right border. I'll be putting a spider web and associated spider on the upper right portion of this bunch of grass. This is couched round satin cording.
Right border blocks - grass

And here is the left hand border, with another bunch of grass. This is some type of piping that I sewed on with beads. This bunch is slightly shorter than the right hand side.
Left border blocks

Here is a closeup of this clump of grass with the addition of the crocheted leaves on the bottom. I'm putting these crocheted leaves all along the bottom of the quilt. My vision is working so far! WooHoo!
Crocheted leaves

I have accomplished more this past week but have no pictures to share yet. I'm getting there! I'll try and update later this week and show you what further additions I have made. Love ya'!