Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day 25, Etc.

My rendition of Day 25 is just like Sharon's... except for the colors... and I used pearl buttons... and the sections are separated... well... at least the stitches are the same!!
Day 25
I was auditioning a wide lace to put along this seam; however, I wanted the French seam of the linen napkin to be visible. I was looking thru Sharon's 100 Details and this seam treatment just jumped out at me. I was able to bracket the French seam with the two parts of the seam treatment. The Japanese pearl buttons are from the Fifties.

This is a button that will be featured along this seam. I have had this button at least 15 years. I guess I was saving it for something extra special! I think it will work well as the pivot point of a button and bead trail.
Beautiful button

This is a fan that started life as a crocheted doily. It was my grandmother's but was pretty badly stained. I decided that having parts of it be seen and loved was better than leaving it to languish in a drawer. But I'm sure there are lots more beads in it's future!
Crocheted fan

And this is an overview of the progress on the entire block... almost done with the seams!

I'm hoping to finally get in the workroom this weekend... I have lots of things I want to make once it's up and running!!

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