Sunday, December 10, 2006

Movin' on up to Beta Blogger

Well, I took the plunge. Last night I switched over to Beta Blogger and spent a couple of hours choosing a template and then tweaking it... including figuring out how to personalize the background. That took forever since I know zilch about HTML! I kept substituting my picture for anything on the template that had a url ending in jpg and finally found the right one! Yay me! ;0)

I like the new template and the ease in moving bits around but I haven't tried to upload pictures yet since I have no new pictures to show. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some real content to show you. I still need to update my blogroll with all the ones I'm reading now... that's gonna take some time!

Please let me know how it looks to you and if you see any tweaking that needs to be done. I changed my fonts and colors so if you have trouble reading them I would like to know so I can change them.

Talk to you in a day or so!


Rissa said...

The background is just BEAUTFIUL! Absolutely and positively! Good on you girl!

Jo in NZ said...

I just swapped over too Marty. Love your background, I think I will have to try that, ( I may need your help).
It tells you straight away what this blog is all about.

Your ornamnet is great to. I'm loving the slipped chain and using it on my stockings. It lends itself well to xmas themes.

Jane Ann said...

WOW! LOVE this great new look. It's definitely more you than the last joint! Super!

Allison said...

Great new look, Marty. That background is truly stunning, too!