Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whipped Stitch and Running Stitch

I'm still plugging along on my Take a Stitch Tuesday weekly stitches. These are scans because my camera is still ailing, but I think you can see what I did. The new stitches continue to fascinate me but the ones I already know, like these two, provide a comfy visit.

This is the Whipped Stitch, from Week 17. This stitch gives a powerful punch to a crazy quilt block. The eye is drawn to these dimensional stitches and it provides a good starting place for a trip "around the block."
Whipped stitch
The center starts with #12 variegated perle cotton followed by two different colors of #8 perle cotton. I'll be adding beads around the fan at the very least.

This is two variations of the running stitch.
Running stitch
The dark purple on the upper right is a traditional pair of Running Stitches using silk floss, then loosely laced with the same thread. It was a bit fiddly getting the laced loops the same size but I finally got it. Then I ran another line of tiny running stitches up through the center to stabilize where the loops crossed. I'll be adding something more to this one, but I'm not sure what!

The green running stitches on the left seam could more accurately be labeled as straight stitches but I was doing them at the same time as the others so I'm calling them running stitches! ;0) Stitched with more perle cotton, these are staggered on either side of the seam and then a line of varigated Caron Watercolors pima cotton is looped through every other group of stitches. I'll be adding pearls to nestle down in the loops.


I sent my Quilt of Valor top and backing off to the long armer yesterday. Suzanne will be doing the quilting on this quilt. I've never had one of my quilts professionally quilted before so I'm a little bit excited!

That's all for now... have a great week and remember that, at least in the US, this coming weekend is Memorial Day which means.... three days off of work... WooHoo! ;0)


Allison Ann Aller said...

Your TAST stitches are awesome.

Sandie said...

Just gorgeous!

Susan said...

These stitches look so nice. You are doing a great job with TAST.

Isn't it a good feeling every time you finish a soldier quilt?