Friday, November 09, 2007

Thank you so much, ladies, for your input on how you do your beading and embroidering. Quite a mix I must say! Embroidery in the recliner seems to work just fine; however, like some of you, I think I'm going to try the beading on a table and see how I like it. We have a roll around office table that should work well for me. Cool... you guys are great to let me in on your methods.

Oh, Rian? the way to take a picture with your nose is to balance the camera carefully on the bridge of your nose and push the button with the tip of your tongue.




Actually, Glenn took the picture whilst standing behind the recliner... ;0)

As promised, here are a couple of shots of the detail on this block that I really like:
Block 4 - wave seam closeup


Block 4 - top seam closeup
The second one doesn't show up very well; however, I think it would be stunning on very plain fabric.

It's been a slow week for stitching because we are getting things ready for kids and grandkids (WooHoo!) to show up for Thanksgiving... can't wait. I have managed to get Block 4 done; however, since I've put it up here about 3 times already, I won't bore you with it since there wasn't that much change. I hope to start on Block 5 this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed, anyway!

I do have one other thing for you... I was reading Cherry Menlove's blog last week, and she noted that the V&A has a new exhibition, The Golden Age of Couture, Paris and London, 1947 - 1957 that has some wonderful eye candy. I'm not a girly girl and I couldn't even begin to wear these dresses but they are so beautiful that I thought I would bring them to your attention. Enjoy!


Charlene said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

verobirdie said...

I admire your embroidery, they are so well done!

threadspider said...

Just love that wave seam with all the little beaded details. And I enjoyed the link to Cherry Menlove's blog. Of course, I wear such beautiful dresses all the time whilst I dig my allotment. : > ) Enjoy Thanksgiving.

Susan said...

I especially love the top one. I always love getting a curvy seam in the block. I'd love to see them all together now. The 4 that are done. Hope you got number 5 started!

Ira said...

lovely work.