Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey, ladies! Thought I would check in and wish everyone a very, very, VERY Merry Christmas. It's been a quiet one for us... it's just the two of us this year and I was under the weather yesterday so no super big meal was served today. Just some naturally smoked ham, some hearty cornmeal pancakes and real maple syrup. Simple but very good!

I almost got all of my presents where they needed to be this year... Just one box is still sitting here, waiting for shipment... pretty good for me! ;0) I got one stocking made for the very littlest granddaughter, Chloe.
Chloe's stocking
Many years ago, I started this very same stocking for her Daddy, getting only the front appliqued and quilted. It got tucked away in the sewing room and I discovered it when I was looking for trims for a stocking for her. I pulled it out, looked at it and just knew I could go ahead and finish it in no time... I added the back and used some vintage bias trim for edging it and Bob's your uncle, one rather small stocking perfect for a rather small little one! It even got there in time for Christmas!

Other creative endeavors lately included massive amounts of Chocolate Rads cookies to tuck in Christmas boxes...
Chocolate Rads ingredients Chocolate Rads dough

Chocolate Rads
They are soooo chocolately good!

We also broke down and got an artificial tree this year and spent some quality time together putting it up and decorating it...
Da tree!
we have lots of glass and acrylic icicles and I love the look it gives to the tree.
Tree closeup

If we had been just a bit farther north we would have had a white Christmas... as it is, we just had a very wet one! ;0) I hope each of you has celebrated the season in your own way and I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays... may your New Year be ever so full of successful creative endeavors!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Glad you enjoyed your Christmas, Marty. Ham and cornmeal pancakes sound great to me.....WITH the maple syrup.

I love the shot of your tree, with that great curtain behind it and those fab hanging light fixtures! You really do have that '50s thing going...

rianammerman said...

Oh Marty, what a beautiful tree. I agree, simple pleasures are the best.

I'm a little late making the rounds...hope your holiday was wonderful.