Sunday, January 04, 2009

Midsummer Border

I have pieced the border together for the Midsummer CQ. The 5 blocks on each end are each a separate strip and so are the 5 blocks inbetween. I put it back up on the display wall so I could get a picture...
Border blocks pieced with seams done
It's a bit wonky but I was standing at a bit of an angle. I'm not too sure about the really white seam treatments on the black now, but I'll wait to do any changes until it's all together. Now I can start adding the embellishments to the border! Woot!

I also took Titania and played with her a bit. I flipped the picture so the light is coming from the same direction as the moon and then I cropped it a bit to bring it down in size. Once I have it printed on fabric I can get to work on the inner portion. Come on color!
Titania ready for sending
But first, I'll start some embellishing on the border. See you in a few days!


Anonymous said...

You're quite the sketcher!

The Midsummer CQ is looking good, can't wait to see its progress in 2009!

Miss 376 said...

looking forward to seeing this one come together

Allison Ann Aller said...

I LIKE the white stitching on the black... has been so cool watching this come together. Stitch on, Marty!

Debra said...

Oh My! Is this a real stitching post? Blow me over! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

I like the white stitching on the black. It's like moonbeams spreading out there. =)

Titania looks great.