Thursday, May 06, 2010


I had no idea it had been so long since I had posted... my how time flies when you aren't having fun!

Long story short... slip in the shower resulting in a torn rotator cuff and a pinched sciatic nerve that took months to show up resulting in sleepless nights and pain (now slowly resolving); yearly physical resulting in biopsy (no cancer so no problem except the pulled off skin from the tape... ouch!); middle child going through divorce; and sudden, urgent, totally encompassing need to read anything and everything I could get my hands on have taken over my life and I'm just now coming out from under all this. I think the reading part was an escapist ploy on behalf of my mental health!

So, here I am, determined to find my creative self and nurture her back to life. I've visited your blogs and have commented sometimes but not all the time, trying to get to everyone to see what you are doing. Anyway, I hope I'm back. I'm determined to be back!

Anyway, I've managed to piece my February block... meet Blue!
Feb block pieced
This started out as a regular crazy quilt block but when I looked at the fabrics they went in such a nice gradation of values that I decided to do some different piecing and I appear to have made some kind of flower. I'll probably bead it as a flower, too, so that should be fun! I also had a center piece that was decidely off center so I did a little bit of "fake" piecing. Here is the area of the added piece:
Feb block closeup 1

Up close and personal:
Feb block closeup 2
I sewed it down on the upper left side, then folded it over and, with the help of a tiny bit of WonderUnder, I fused that little puppy down. Then I carefully trimmed it to match the seams. Once I have it beaded, I don't think it will even be noticed.

If I was doing this on a regular crazy quilt block, I would lay rick-rack and/or lace along these two seam lines and it would be completely covered up, since it really is a very small piece of fabric.
Feb block closeup 3

And, since I was actually getting some piecing done, I moved on to March and here she is... just a regular CQ block... meet Blue-Green:
Mar block pieced
I love this color!

So, I've started beading on February and hope to have a progress shot up this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed!


Rian said...

Wow Marty, you have really been through it! Isn't it funny (not ha ha funny) how life goes that way; a whole bunch crap comes all at the same time.

Glad to hear you are rebounding, although I'm sure it's not as fast as you'd like. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. It means a lot. Your words always lift my spirits.

Love that blue. And the blue-green, too. What a fun way to work--total color immersion. I like it.

CTStudios said...

Welcome back to your creative self. We've missed you !

Debra said...

I've given blogging a long rest and continue to do that in the future so I hadn't missed your lack of blog posts. I am, however, glad you are past part of the injuries.

Candi said...

Glad to see you back and your blocks are such beautiful colors. I know what you mean about the reading, when I become overwhelmed I tend to a grab a book or ten! lol

小玲 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Anonymous said...

I hope your injury has healed up nicely and other things that are fun are keeping you busy.

Love that blue block! I want to see it all stitched up!