Saturday, February 17, 2007

Algerian Eye Stitch

After all the kerfuffle with everything in my everyday life it is good to get back to some stitching. Although I'm behind (nothing new there) here is my contribution to the Algerian Eye Stitch round-up from Sharon B's Take a Stitch Tuesday.

Algerian Eye stitch
I've always liked this stitch, although it has been quite some time since I played with it. It adds so much to freeform embroidery, too. I think I tried to have too many "spokes" on some of them, but it's all a learning process!

Now I'm off to spend some time cruising through everyone else's contributions and possibly... just possibly, contemplate working some feather stitches this evening.

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!!


Debra Spincic said...

Great examples!

Rian said...

As usual, I love this. It looks very retro to me, and the colors go along with that theme.

"Kerfuffle~" Great word.

kay susan said...

Nice colours and composition! I like the way you fitted all the element together. Super stitching.

Susan said...

I like the way you nestled them together.

Granny Fran said...

Very nice composition of those Algerian Eyes, they look wonderful. I love the background crazy quilt on your blog.
I second Debra's invitation to join with us on the Quilter's Lounge. Sometimes it helps to have a place to just let some of it out. This aging process is definitely not for wimps! Thank the good Lord that we have our fabric arts to keep our minds occupied with something besides our physical and emotional challenges.

Rissa said...

Your Algerian Eyes are just fabulous. :-) Sorry I did not comment on them earlier!