Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I love you guys!!




Thanks so much for all the kind comments! I know in the grand scheme of things, Meniere's is pretty small potatoes but it's gonna mean a major lifestyle change for me and I so appreciate everyone's good thoughts.

When "life gets uppity" as we reach the "age of findings," the knowledge that "it does get better" and I actually "have a diagnosis" makes me feel so much better. To hear from someone special who welcomes me to her "nasty little club," and oh, baby... to know I'm "finished with disasters for awhile" sure does help! LOL!!!!

Thanks, guys... you made my day!


Rian said...

And we love you, too. Isn't it wonderful how we have become a "family" of sorts? Everyone was so supportive of me last year when I went through trial after trial--I don't know how I would have gotten through without my very special cyberfamily. Thankfully I'm "finished with disasters for awhile" too!

It's amazing how something as basic as omitting salt can have such dramatic results.

Keep on thinking those good thoughts! xoxo!

Jane Ann said...

Since we're sort of on the Meniere's soapbox right now, let me just say it's something that is a heck of a lot easier to avoid ever getting, than it is to deal with once you get it. So all you folks out there who don't have it yet, watch your sodium intake (not just salt--Mrs. Dash is a salt substitute, but I think it still has a good bit of sodium). Don't make things worse by acquiring foolish habits (such as salting the ketchup you smear your salted French fries in--yes, I know someone who does that). And remember, you really can get used to low-salt. You will get so you really don't want salty things.

Susan said...

BTW, I was in a co-op in Silver City today, the kind of place that sells lots of organic foods and natural products, and they had that salt substitute - potassium chloride - on the shelf.