Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Midsummer, TIF and an Old-Timey Tale

Evenin' Ladies!

Christmas is officially gone at my house... we packed up the last of the ornaments, etc. this weekend. It took forever to get it all organized but it's finally done... woohoo! I love Christmas but sure am glad when it's all over and done with. My goal was to get everything packed away in plastic bins in the house. Ha! Not so much... four bins in the house, two bins and numerous plastic trash bags full of greenery in the shed. ***sigh*** Oh, well... I tried!

I did get all the seam treatments for Block 5 of the Midsummer CQ done...
Block 5 - seams done
I used #5, #8, and #12 Perle Cotton, as well as silk floss, for Back Stitch, Chain Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Fly Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Cretan Stitch, and French Knots. This block seems so empty compared to Jo's! All of her black CQ blocks are so scrumptious! Ah, well, there is alot more to put on my block later on, so hopefully it will improve in appearance. Now it's on to Block 6, which should go considerably faster than Block 5 without Christmas to interfere.

I haven't even started on my Take It Further Challenge piece. I've been thinking about it though, does that count? LOL! I stopped at Joann's for some curtain rods the other day and picked up a remnant that will work perfectly for the moth's wings. That piece of silk I was going to use is beautiful, but I really don't think there is enough plain green for the wings. The remnant will work just as well and provide plenty of room for me to screw up without running out of fabric. ;0) I've also decided how I will be putting it together and how I want it to sit on the quilt, so I AM moving ahead, if only in my mind!

I have to tell you something I saw in the antique mall the other day. A young mother was stopped in a booth with her two daughters, I suppose they were maybe 5 and 7. They were looking at a rotary phone that was for sale. I can only assume they had never seen one before because she proceeded to demonstrate it for them. She said, "See, you put your finger in the little hole and turn it around to get the numbers, isn't that funny? It's an old-timey telephone!" I stopped dead as I listened to her, struck by the realization that I'm pretty damn close to old-timey myself. Sigh, I suppose it's better than the alternative, though, isn't it? ;0)

That's all for now... I want to tell you about my home dec projects but since I don't have any pictures, I'm gonna wait. I promise I will post later in the week... no, really... I promise!


Allison Ann Aller said...

This block looks great...such precise stitching!
And I esp like that windy green chainstitch you have going there...it's a nice surprise.

Sequana said...

Here's how old timey I am. I remember our first telephone number when I was a toddler. Get ready here: 3123

That was it...no prefix, no nothing else. And it was a party line.

Debra Spincic said...

I feel more old timey every day! There are more things in the antique stores that I remember from my youth than I don't remember so that's not very cool.

We used to have phone numbers that were something like LK4-22345. Sigh.

Rissa said...

Of course thinking about the challenge counts...that is just about how far I have gotten myself. ROFL

Too funny about the old phone, but I have to admit, I never had one...they were all push button by time I was around! LOL Maybe because I grew up in Atlanta and we leased our phones from Bell South.

Rian said...

I was saying the other night that I could remember when the milkman not only delivered milk to your door, but he kept the milk cold with chunks of ice because refrigerated trucks hadn't been invented. At least it wasn't pulled by a horse!

We could do a whole thread on remember when...

Yes, thinking about a project definitely counts! It's part of the design process!

Susan said...

You may not have stitched on the TIF, but it sounds like you are definitely working on it!

Needlewoman said...

My children know how a rotary dial phone works because my father has one in his house that is still in use. He bought it when AT&T offered to sell them to people and he has kept it in the study ever since.


Candi said...

Your block is just beautiful! The rotary phones? Remember when the prefix was a name not just a number??? lol