Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Thanks for the comments on the Tiger Tape Tutorial... I think to some people it may seem over the top to use the tape like this, but it helps me alot and my eye sees discrepancies in spacing very easily and they drive me crazy. Personally, I think this level of anal retentiveness is OK... now... if I also used the Tiger Tape to measure the length of each stitch... THAT would be just a tad too anal retentive. :0)

I've finished two more seam treatments from Sharon's 100 Details in 100 Days... of course I'm behind but I'm still trucking along!

Here is Day 10:
Day 10
I like this one alot... the half-circle buttonholes make a wonderful line and the addition of the extra stitches and beads really fills it out nicely. I can see many variations to the half-circle buttonholes in my future... they are fun to do and create a flowing seam treatment.

And here is Day 16:
Day 16
This, I'm rather unsure of... I still don't know whether I like it or not. I can see that I made the fly stitch loop too long and I think it is too far away from the braid. I tried bullion stitches but because I was using #8 perle cotton they were way overshadowed by the loop and the braid so I used beads in place of the bullion stitches.

I really need some thicker perle cotton.
I guess I'm just gonna have to go shopping again! :0)


sharonb said...

I really like the braid tied with the fly stitch and seed beads - it is different

Anonymous said...

I like it too, and I for one absolutely love the idea of using Tiger Tape! When I read it on your blog, it was one of those a-ha moments for me! Thanks again!

Susan said...

I don't think the fly stitch is too long at all.

Embroideredcloth said...

Such a beautiful combination of threads - this is the first time I've seen your posting. Lovely.