Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 46 of 100 Details in 100 Days

I'm still getting a bit of stitching done here and there. This is my version of Sharon Boggon's day 46 seam treatment:
Half buttonhole, etc
I wanted the eye to move outward from the seam rather than stop so I didn't add the small straight stitches at the top of the straight stitches between the half buttonhole wheels. The half buttonhole wheels are stitched in varigated #8 perle cotton, the straight stitches are 2 strands of silk soie d' alger thread and the rest is various beads, all applied over heirloom lace.

My surgery went well on Thursday... still a bit sore today and feeling the effects of the general anesthesia. I have asthma so general anesthesia affects my lungs a bit more that usual, but I'm getting over it.

Moving preparation and packing boxes continues, although the past few days not much has been packed. This weekend will be mainly cleaning out closets and getting rid of clothes I don't wear anymore. We have our final walk thru Monday evening and then sign our lives away on Tuesday. We should get the keys on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning (we have to wait until the money is wired to the sellers bank). We'll spend Wednesday cleaning and measuring to figure out where furniture will be placed and just enjoying our new digs. The movers come on Thursday and by Friday we should be all moved in and be surrounded by mountains of boxes. I can't wait!!!!

Of course then we'll have to clean the apartment but it's pretty small so it shouldn't take too long. I sure will be glad to see the last of this place... because we are right by the pool it's been like living with a party in our backyard every day and night. It will be good to have our own place again. :0)


Liesl said...

That looks so pretty.
I've kind of been lurking around your blog for a while. You do amazing work. :)

Marty52 said...

Thank you, Liesl... it's good to hear from someone who visits regularly. Thanks for the complement... I like your berets... especially your brothers!

Allison said...

Lovely is amazing that you can be stitching at all with so much going on.
Do take it easy as much as you can during your move. And please show us some pictures of your new home!

Rian said...

That is gorgeous! Whew girl, you knock my socks off!

Yeah, I'm with Allie~ take 'er easy. Good luck with the move! Phoenix, right? My sister lives there. She tells me it's mighty hot these days.