Monday, August 14, 2006

Ringbearer's Pillow Top Pieced

Every time I type "ringbearer" I think of Lord of the Rings... Sad, isn't it?? LOL!!!

Anyway, I have the pillow top pieced. It's 10" wide and made out of linen napkins passed down thru my family... both the bride and the groom are chefs and I thought it was appropriate to use the linen napkins for this.
Pieced pillow top
These are small, very simple napkins and we have several sets of linen tablecloths with matching napkins to pass down to everyone, never fear! I've also added heirloom lace to the seams and have begun seam treatments to highlight them.

Here's a closeup of the center heart:
Plain heart in center.
The center fabric is a damask napkin and if you look closely on the largest size (click to make bigger... although I'm sure you all know that) you'll see that I centered the heart on the corner pattern from the napkin. It took awhile to figure out how I could highlight the different weaves in the damask with the heart but I got there!

The wedding will be held in a park in Fort Collins, Colorado and the leaves will have begun to turn to wonderful golden hues so those are some of the colors I'll be using for seam treatments. The wedding gown is ivory with emerald green ribbon across the top of the bodice and laced down the back so I'm also featuring emerald green throughout. The embellishments will be various beads in golds, yellows and greens with pearls and crystals strewn about. My son reminded me to leave room for the rings! Hee!

I'm going to try and come up with a novel way to attach the rings in the center of the heart... it needs to be simple though, so nervous fingers can get the rings off!

All for now!

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Susan said...

That ring pillow is lovely! Good luck on the simple attachment of rings. =) Thanks for the close-up.