Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Buttonhole stitch - a beginning

I've started on my buttonhole stitch sampler for Take a Stitch Tuesdays . I decided to be a little bit more freeform this time around, trying to explore my boundaries somewhat. In between blowing my nose and trying to stay warm, here's my progress:
Buttonhole stitch
I like the graphic shapes that are appearing and plan to continue in this way till the sampler is full. These are 5"x7" (about 13cm x 18cm) sizes and will work well in the scrapbook I'll be using to hold all the stitches I play with this year during TAST.

Here's a photo of the scrapbook. It holds 8"x8" (about 20cm square) sheets and I found it at Target (I love Target!) and then bought some extra sheets to add to it.

Here is the cover page so when somebody stumbles across this worn little book in a 100 years they will know who did it, when and the genius behind it (that would be Sharon).
Scrapbook title page

These are the inner pages... I plan on putting my sampler on the right hand side, then printing pictures of specific stitches that I fall in love with from the needleworkers involved in the challenge on the left side so I can refer to them. I think it should work well.
Scrapbook inner pages

Since my samplers will of course be fairly thick I may have to go to a second scrapbook but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In other news... the cold is almost gone; however, I broke a tooth last night. Sheesh!


kay susan said...

This is going to be a super book!

Allison said...

Love the book, Marty!

Just so you know, my blog has been booted off its server due to the huge quantities of spam it is generating. I hope to be up an running again next week...

Susan said...

Your book (or two) will be such a wonderful reference and a keepsake, something to pass along, the way some mothers did their quilting patterns or recipes in the last generation.

I'm glad you are feeling a little better, except for the trip you'll have to make to the dentist. =)