Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quilting content!

I certainly hope that the remainder of 2007 goes better than the first three weeks. Friday night I had an accident on the way home from work and smashed the heck out of my pretty red van. I had a bit of muscle soreness in my back but that is all as far as my injuries. I don't know the extent of the damages to the van yet... the insurance company got a rental car for me right away but I don't have an appraisal yet. I sure hope it isn't totalled!

On a brighter note, I chose the fabrics for the quilt for our master bedroom.
Queen bed quilt fabric intro

I'm going to be doing a really simple "pattern" that came from a post in December 2005 on Lisa Call's blog New Works and Inspiration (scroll down). I wanted lots of color without spending huge amounts of time working with an intricate pattern. I'm still a beginning quilter so I work pretty slowly, and I have quite a few sane quilts lined up to do this year... and I want to do some crazy quilting, too!

Glenn had to work graveyard shifts over the weekend so I spent about 6 hours on Sunday in my little workroom and got most of the pieces cut out. I only cut one group of 8 or so squares the wrong size; however, the beauty of this pattern is that you can substitute a pieced square for a solid square and no one will know the difference!

I haven't done any more on my Take a Stitch Tuesdays sampler, unfortunately. I hope to catch up this weekend 'cause I need some stitching time!


Allison said...

I remember when Lisa posted that is terrif'. Your fabrics will sing! sorry about your van...

dee said...

so sorry about the red wagon but happy to hear you're o.k.
Those fabrics will make a spectacular quilt.

Rissa said...

Oh no! Sorry about the wreck and hope you are feeling much, much better now.

Rian said...

Yummilicious fabrics! I can't wait to see this quilt!

Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you are not shaken too badly.

Susan said...

I love the colors you've shown here for the bedroom quilt. This will be beautiful!