Monday, January 29, 2007

Master Bedroom quilt progress

I spent quite a few pleasant hours Saturday and Sunday, working on the queen-size quilt for our bedroom. My design wall isn't big enough to lay out the whole quilt at one time, so I decided to do the quilt in quarters. I divided the various fabric squares as equally as possible into four stacks of fabric, making sure to get a fairly even distribution of sizes and colors.
Queen bed quilt blocks - 4 sets
Then, I took the first stack and started to lay it out on the wall. I began with the largest squares, placing one in the top left corner of the quilt, and trying (rather badly at one point) to keep colors and sizes working while laying out the fabric. While doing the planning for this quilt, I realized that if I wanted it to be random, I needed to ensure that the pieces I used could be sewn into "blocks" so that they could be easily joined without messing with set-in seams. Picturing random sizes of blocks as I laid out the squares really helped. Here's the first quarter of the quilt up on the design wall.
Queen bed quilt top left - design wall

And, here it is all sewn up on Sunday afternoon. There were a few changes as I went along, but not too many.
Queen bed quilt top left - pieced

Since I was in the swing of the quilt, I decided to design the second quarter of the quilt Sunday evening. Here it is on the design wall:
Queen bed quilt top right - design wall
As you can see from the pictures of the two sections, I will be doing a bit of rearranging before I do more sewing.

If I was a bit more blog savvy I could post the two of them next to each other, but for now, this will have to do! :0) I'll have to put "positioning of pictures in the blog" up higher on my list of things to learn!

Anyway, I think it is coming along pretty well. Now, to work on my lazy daisy, cretan and chevron stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday. I believe I may be a bit behind in my stitching! :0)

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Rian said...

Verrrry pretty, Marty. I love these colors and I think you did a great job with the layout.