Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally a Post... Albeit Non-fiber

Well, so much for posting three times a week! I've been totally slammed at work and haven't had time to even think, much less put together a coherent post. Home hasn't been alot better... we've been finishing up the laundry room and associated projects.

Here's the laundry room as it stands now...
After 1 After 4
Washer and dryer together? Check
Pretty colors? Check
Organization? Check
Finishing details? Not yet! ;0)
I really like it though... it's so nice to go in there and find what I need, when I need it. The bank of drawers is our inside tool box with tools, electrical and fastening supplies, etc. Extra kitchen supplies that I only use once a year or so are stored above, along with pet goodies and leashes. Below are the boxes that will hold our Christmas decorations. Only one is full, the rest will wait till I get time to bring in the existing boxes from the shed. I still have more work to do but it's coming along nicely.

One of the goals with the laundry room was to provide space to store some of the items we had stored in the big window seat in the family room. We wanted to take out the window seat so we could use the space to set up an office. Here is the window seat before we bought the house...
Window seat
It's very nice and we would have kept it except for the fact that we are "paper people" and we NEED an office area. So, this weekend I told Glenn I felt like pulling everything out of the window seat and taking it apart. Wonder of wonders, he agreed! Here he is sitting inside the window seat (it was big enough to use as a bed!) taking the screws out...
Window seat - be gone! 2
When the previous owners put it together they didn't put any screws, nails or bolts into the wood floor, isn't that great?!? The only place it was secured to the house was along the walls with big carriage bolts. It was so nice to discover this because it will be so easy to return to using the area as part of the room. Here is the right hand side now...
Window seat - gone!
And here is the left side...
Window seat - gone! 2
It really changed the room alot! We have started rearranging furniture but it's still a disaster area so you'll have to wait for finished pictures till we're done. ;0)

I signed up for Sharon's Sumptuous Surfaces class through and I have barely had time to read the lesson, much less do any stitching. I'm hoping to get a start on it this weekend... maybe. I WILL be back on Wednesday, even if it's just a little post.


Debra Spincic said...

Did you ever get lucky with the removal of that window seat! Looks like a little base moulding and you are ready to go. Sweet!

Rian said...

Very smart! That was a huge window seat! The room must seem so much larger now. You are so lucky to have a husband who can jump in and Just Do It. I'm impressed (and a little envious).

The laundry room is awesome! Aren't those shelves handy!

Thanks for sharing. It's fun to see how your "new" house is coming along.

Susan said...

The laundry looks so organized! That's amazing, and what a difference from just a few weeks ago!

Taking out the window seat (probably the biggest one I ever saw!) really enlarges the space there. I'd guess that painting is high on the list. Great news about the undamaged wood floor!

Rissa said...

The seat was lovely, but I can certainly see wanting to reclaim the space and I am thrilled that it left no permanent marks!