Monday, July 02, 2007

Design for Midsummer Night's Dream - revisited

I took everyone's suggestions (thanks to all of you) and came up with another revision that feels just about right. Allie, I made the center block bigger. Susan, I didn't put a border around the center panel because I want it to blend in with the other blocks on the sides. Threadspider (welcome!), I put the full moon back in because I agree, it's more of a Titania-ish moon that way. Rian, here they are side by each.
Design 2 - revised Design 4
The tree on the first one is better, and the curves from it will be transferred to the second; otherwise, I likey (as Rian would say).

In other news... I picked up some fabric for the binding on my Quilt of Valor. I have it sewed on and will be sitting tonight sewing down the binding. I do it by hand... love doing it.

Oh, and Jane Ann asked about a couple of my treasures in my sewing room. That is indeed a Bernina 830... I bought it at an estate sale in Colorado and I love it. I got the McCall's pattern cabinet at a flea market, also in Colorado. I saw it and almost hyperventilated on the spot... $45 later, it was mine, baby!!! ;0) The old sewing machine on the dresser is from 1920, a singer "Red Eye." I got it at a yard sale in Wyoming in the early 1980s for $25. I've been hauling it around with me for almost 25 years and I finally have a place to display it. I'm a happy camper!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Marty, yes on all counts!!!

Debra Spincic said...

I can see this is already the beginning of the Eye Candy Journey over here at Textiles in Time!!

Rian said...

Oh yeah, baby! I like the foreground in #2. I also like that crescent moon.

Susan said...

However you do it, it will look beautiful, I'm sure. I, too, like the tree in number one a bit better. I like the full moon best.

Rissa said...

I love that you let us track the progress on this project. For me, that is one of the best things about blogs.

Jane Ann said...

If we ever get together? I'm takin' you garage-sale shopping. What lucky treasures you have!