Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week 2 of Sumptuous Surfaces

***Edited to fix the links that didn't work... sorry 'bout that! They should be OK now!***

I've been working on my piece for Sharon's Sumptuous Surfaces class at Joggles. I found a nice piece of 28 count Irish linen at Joann's and then sat down and started pulling goodies out of my stash in shades of brown (we have to use a monotone pallet). Here's what I came up with...
Silk and cotton floss, #5 perle cotton, tapestry wool, wood and stone beads, glass bugle and seed beads and a couple of old necklaces. No lace or anything on this piece, just embroidery and beads!

My back is giving me problems so I have spent most of the weekend on the heating pad (such a wonderful thing) full of ibuprofen, so there has been plenty of time for stitching. This week we were to start the basic outlines and fill in the low relief areas... in my case the sky and road.
Week 2
The sky is done in chevron stitch using 2 strands of silk floss and pulled each time to open up the linen a bit. The far hill top is stitched in more silk floss in back stitch, then whipped with 1 strand of slightly darker floss. The near hill top is done in chain stitch using 3 strands of silk. The far road is chain stitch in silk and the near road is outlined in Portuguese Stem Stitch and filled in with running stitch. It pulled a bit at the bottom border but it'll do. The borders are done in back stich. I still need to do the corners (they were covered with the hoop so I couldn't stitch them on the hoop) but I'm leaving them for now. I may do a different technique at the corners... I haven't decided. Anyhoo... now to see what Week 3 will bring!

The Midsummer Night's Dream CQ is still very much in my mind; however, this class will probably be the extent of my fiber work until Nat gets the center panel painted. I just don't want to do too much in the way of piecing until I have the center panel to inspire me. If I choose the wrong colors for the blocks closest to it, I'll be very unhappy with myself, so I'm waiting. I may start piecing the outer blocks though... we'll see how my back does this week.

That's all for now... hope you are all having a great weekend!


Rian said...

Those colors would look smashing in my guest room.

Debra Spincic said...

This looks like it is going to be an interesting project. I will definitely be back to see how you progress on it. Do you decide your own stitches in the various areas?

Marty52 said...

Debra, the size is 5"x7" to the outer border and we do decide our own stitches. So far this isn't sending me over the moon but I was hurting this weekend so I'm grouchy and that could be why! ;0)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Marty, hi!

Sorry your back has been hurting you...;-( But at least you have Sharon's marvelous class to keep you busy. I think your landscape will be are only j-u-s-t getting started. I will love following along!

Susan said...

The link didn't work. I needed to refresh my memory.

I'm enjoying watching what you and Candi are doing - will have to check Norma's blog, too. I like the way you are texturing with a variety of stitches.

Gerry said...

These are very soothing colors. What a lovely combination. I look forward to seeing your progress.

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