Thursday, September 06, 2007

Midsummer Night - Take 2

I moved the quilt blocks to the design wall Tuesday night and played with fabrics until I had the ones I wanted for the next two blocks. Then last night I sat down and started piecing as soon as I got home from work. I pieced two more blocks... the ones between the lower left corner and the moon. I also decided to go with the moon centered on the block and added some pieces to the corners to round it out a bit. Embroidery will soften the edges and add the halo around the moon effect I'm looking for. Anyhoo... here are the top left three blocks...
Top left 3 blocks

and here is the quilt as it stands now, pinned on the design wall (click to get larger sizes).
Full view - 12 blocks done

If my calculations are correct (and this is ALWAYS in doubt), it will end up somewhere around 42" X 62" (106cm X 157cm). I have decided to put an inner border, as Rian (I believe) suggested when I first unveiled the design. My original thought was to have the inner blocks kind of meld into the outer blocks; however, after much thought I have decided that the border will frame the inner blocks nicely and provide a window affect for the forest scene. I don't know what I'll do on the border, but some thoughts are percolating! In fact, they are percolating a bit too much, I woke up last night for my nightly stumble to the bathroom around 2am and then couldn't get back to sleep because I kept going over the quilt and it's design in my head and couldn't shut it off. I finally had to get up and have some milk (with Hershey's syrup - puts me to sleep everytime) and settle myself before I could go back to sleep. Too many more nights like that and I'll be about worthless!

More progress in a couple of days, ladies!


Allison Ann Aller said...

The moon block is already hypnotic!

Those dead-of-night design sessions are often the most productive, aren't they?

threadspider said...

I love watching the design phase of people's work. This is looking lovely, with that moon to light your way to the bathroom!

Susan said...

It is going to be a most interesting piece. Seeing the blocks together like that really makes the "moonshine" come through. It's so much easier to see it when you can stand back.

Candi said...

Oh my goodness it's going to be just beautiful!

Tannia said...

I am really enjoying seeing this project come to fruition! Thanks so much for sharing the process!

Rian said...

I know all about that 2AM creative blast from The Muse. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, I always say.