Saturday, September 22, 2007


Edited to fix the mistook on the TAST link. Double oooops! ;0)


I was talking with my son Nat (he's painting Titania for my Midsummer Night CQ) this week... HI NAT! and all of a sudden he said, "I think we have a problem."

Erm... what problem?

Well, he read my blog entry about my vision for this CQ, and after taking a good look at my crude rendering of the quilt, and reading the comments, he realized that my vision and his vision didn't exactly match. It seems that the vision in my head was so strong that I guess I just assumed that Nat would be able to read my mind and know that I was looking for the entire body of the sleeping Titania... his painting was just a torso... oooops! Apparently I didn't do a very good job of explaining the my ideas... oh, well, live and learn!

So, he's starting over on the painting. There is definitely a silver lining to this cloud, though. He is much more familiar with how the fabric paints work and I can show him a picture of the fabrics and colors I plan on using in the center blocks. So, here they are, Nat. These are the colors I will be using (click to embiggen):
Fabrics for center blocks
About 95% of these are vintage silk kimonos and I'm really excited about finally getting to use them in a quilt. Since Nat will be working off of my existing colors, I can go ahead and piece the inner blocks if I want to. So, all is good!

Here is Block 1 as it stands tonight.
Block 1A

Here's a close-up of the Half Chevron Stitch (Week 26) for Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST)
TAST - Half chevron
and the Cable Chain Stitch (Week 36)
TAST - Cable chain stitch

These are very simple seam treatments; however, I'll be adding beads and other goodies later as the block comes together. I can see now that there will be lots of new techniques to learn while making this quilt... I am so looking forward to it!


Susan said...

I love the simple, clean lines of your block, without any fancy shenanigans. It's beautiful! I am really interested in how this will all come together with Nat's painting. I'm sure one of you will find a great use for the torso-only pic!

Allison Ann Aller said...

"Embiggen..." Marty, this is all so good. You and Nat going throught the design process together...what a mother/son experience! How lucky you are! The artistic results will reflect how fun an meaningful this is.
And your palette is awesome...

threadspider said...

What a wonderful collection of fabrics you have to chose from. Those silk Kimonos are just delicious..and so is the start to dark blocks too.

Rian said...

How wonderful that your son is working with you. That would delight me to no end. Not likely though, as he lives 2,000 miles away. Embiggen, love that!

Debra Spincic said...

I guess this is one time when mom didn't talk nearly enough! *wink*