Sunday, September 30, 2007

What we did on our Sunday afternoon

The previous homeowners left us this lovely "bush" that was beginning to block the driveway, so we decided to cut it way back today.
Olive before

Glenn was cutting and I was hauling...
Olive during

after much cutting and much hauling, that huge 10 foot wide bush was gone, leaving in it's place...
Olive stump
a tree stump. Oh yeah... that's nice. Not!

I think Priss had a better idea...
napping is always a better idea! ;0)

Now, a hot shower and a good supper and back to stitching! Hope you all had a more relaxing Sunday!


Rian said...

I can see why the Previous's left it there!

I will be so glad when Jim's back is better (he strained it lifting a fountain for me) and we can get some of that kind of stuff done around here.

Susan said...

What will you do with the stump now?