Thursday, October 04, 2007

Midsummer CQ and TAST

I've been able to do quite a bit of stitching the past few days. I finished all the seam treatments on Block 1 (click to embiggen, as usual)...
Block 1 - seams done
and then I got started on Block 2. This one seems (I typed "seams" first, LOL!) to be flowing better. I've been able to move from one seam to the next without staring blankly at it looking for inspiration! ;0)
Block 2
The feather stitching in the upper left corner of Block 1 and the upper right corner of Block 2 will merge into one motif when I'm done. I only did a tiny bit of green on these seam treatments; however, I think it will need some more green to make it look like something other than a mistake.

I've used two TAST stitches on block 2 (so far). First we have the Reversed Buttonhole Bar from Week 39...
Reversed buttonhole bar
The buttonhole stitch was done with black #3 perle cotton and the overstitching was done with grey #3 perle cotton. Then, as usual, I didn't leave it to hang out all by itself... I added some lazy daisy stitches in silk floss.

Then we have the the Sheaf Stitch from Week 28...
Sheaf stitch
On this stitch, I made it larger and larger as it went up the seam, instead of making all the stitches the same size... I like the effect and will use it again. I'm sure this seam will have beads added to it at some point.

That's all for now... I'll be back in a few days with more gripping updates! ;0)


threadspider said...

I love the way some blocks just tell you what to do to them and others are sometimes quite mute about their wishes!
Great word, embiggen. Do you also use smallen for the opposite process, as I do?

Rissa said...

By comparison, your kitchen is huge! I still have not managed to put all my stuff in my kitchen, it is just too small. I suppose I need to make some tough decisions and lifestyle changes! LOL