Thursday, May 22, 2008

Block 9... only partially done :0(

Well, I've been trying for several days to finish this block so I could show it to you; however, such is life that I present it to you only partially done.
Block 9 - seams partially done
There are a couple of pretty nice seams on this block. This one is the lock stitch, brought to my attention by Elizabeth at Quieter Moments. On this seam the threads used are #12 perle cotton for the straight stitches (that you'll have to embiggen to see) and a varigated Watercolours 3-ply pima cotton from Caron. It's lovely stuff!!
Block 9 - lock stitch
I think the varigations really worked well across this seam.

Here is another closeup for you... this is simply buttonhole with lazy daisy stitches in between, but I like the way it turned out.
Block 9 - buttonhole & lazy daisy stitches
The fabric is not flat along the seam, unfortunately, but at least its even enough it will look OK in the end. I used the perle cotton again for the buttonhole stitches, and then 4 strand silk floss for the lazy daisy stitches. It's simple but rather effective.

Other news:
Our air conditioning has been down and out... right through the recent record high temps here in Phoenix of 110°F/43°C. Wowzers! Heat and I don't get along very well... it got up to 88°F/31°C in the house and even with the fans blowing, I hardly slept. Blech! Anyway, it's fixed now so we are much more comfortable and sleep is once again my friend.

At least it was until yesterday when I had to go get new glasses. OMG! The prices are so high I almost had a heart attack. It's been several years since I bought glasses (I put it off as long as possible!) and needless to say, I was rather surprised when I started looking at frames. Gah... not nice at all. But, I finally managed to find a frame for my regular glasses, a frame for my computer glasses, and a frame for sunglasses. Up till now I either didn't get sunglasses or got the kind of glasses with magnets that hold the sunglasses on so they don't have to be prescription. But this time I wanted something a bit more stylish so I bit the bullet and ordered prescription sunglasses, too. Then I promptly went home and imploded. I think I need to find a cheaper way of getting my glasses. There are lots of places on the interwebs that sell glasses, but I'm rather leary of them. Have any of you had any experiences with online eyeglass sellers??

And now one last thing... I have found the inspiration for my next quilt. It probably won't be a crazy quilt, but it will be very colorful!!

Inspiration yarn from Cabin Cove
Isn't it gawgeous? It's Cotton Candy Handspun from the magical spinning fingers of
Dave of Cabin Cove. It's 38 yards of hand spun merino wool and I love it! I'll use it as embellishment on a quilt of some kind... I'll have to wait for the muse to speak to me about it.

Later, Ladies!


Allison Ann Aller said...

That really is truly amazing yarn. Way delicious!
Glad you got your AC working....and great stithcing, as usual... ;-)

Threadspider said...

It certainly sounds hot in your neck of the woods.
The quilt is coming on so beautifully-the silver colours are very "moony". Keep at it girl-I want to see it done!

Rian said...

Sorry to hear about your AC. I would not be able to stand that heat. No way.

I got good news the last time I had my eyes checked. One eye got farsighted. I have no idea how that happened, but it's a happy thing because I don't need new glasses. They really are super expensive. I need 'em to read and sew, but I can see okay to drive now, so WHEW!

Dat be sum deelish wool! Gracious! And your CQ is really blowin' my mind!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh man - this is the most unbelievable fiberlicious yarn I've ever seen. It looks like something out of an LSD trip!

Debra said...

One of the best things I did was to have my eyes fixed with laser surgery. After years and years of glasses it's nice to wake up and see without them.

My, but that yarn is gorgeous. I would be scared to death to use it!
Your stitching is always so pretty and even. Admirable!

Rissa said...

It definitely is beautiful yarn and I can not wait to see how you use it!

JoWynn Johns said...

I enjoy your work so much, and so today I've tagged you. See my post at

Allison Ann Aller said...

Marty dear, where are you? Are you traveling? Are you o.k.? I don't like it when you fall off the radar...