Sunday, October 08, 2006

Home at Last!

We're back and somewhat recovered. I had no idea how stressed I was till we got back. I hardly knew the house because we'd only been in it a month when we left, and most of that month I spent bent over the Ringbearer's pillow. It's a really nice house! LOL! Lotsa pictures follow without too much dialogue... hope you don't have dial-up! More dialogue in a later post.

Now, the trip. Lots of truck traffic on I-40 across the top of Arizona and New Mexico... we in the US would be in a world of hurt if they quit running!
Heading to Colorado

However, this was my main view for the first half of the trip:
Pillow beading on the road
This beading tray that has a lap pillow on the bottom worked really well!

A man on a mission... get there!
Road warrior
Glenn is an advocate of Bonzai driving... blast thru no matter what!

Now to the wedding! It was held in a park in Fort Collins:
Wedding park
Don't these colors match the pillow well? Yay! ;0)

Sophia (my granddaughter) was supposed to follow the ringbearer and the flower girl down the "aisle" but she was having nothing to do with it!
No cooperation from Sophia

They went without her... wise choice!
Flowers & Pillow

Here are Beth and Josh saying their vows...
Saying vows

When it was over they were so relieved!!! And very happy!
After wedding

There is more to tell... I need to show you the wedding table that Randy made; however, I'll just leave you with a picture of Glenn and I... warning... pictures and I don't go together well. Either I don't have eyes because I'm smiling so broadly or I look bored... but I really wasn't!

I've been tagged by LinMoon for 5 weird things about me... I'll have them in a day or so. More recovery is needed!

P.S. Missed you guys!!


abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Marty, been waiting so long for this post, to see the actual wedding!!!!!!! Wonderful, beautiful and just gorgeous, the ring pillow is beautiful ....... looking forwards to reading more when you have time. You look great in the photo, not bored and you do have eyes! LOL

Anonymous said...

Missed you too! Welcome home. I have the same problem--if I smile it looks like I'm squinting in pain. Great photos, lovely bride!

Robin said...

I've just been reading back through your posts of the past few weeks. You made a beautiful ring pillow, which will be treasured for a very long time by both of them. You look lovely and happy in the photo... thanks for including it. Now you get to take a deep breath and have some time to relax.