Wednesday, October 11, 2006

5 Weird Things...

but only five... right? Whew... good... you guys would never read this blog again if it was more! Thanks to LinMoon at Purple Fan for tagging me... it's my first time!

Weird thing the 1st:
I can't just sit and watch television, I have to be doing something else at the same time. Currently it is sorting boxes of stuff but on a more normal basis it is, and has been most of my life, needlework of one kind or another (or reading magazines). Over the years I have seen many (many) movies with my hubbie and the kids and yet... I still see parts of the same movies for the first time because I'm always doing something else while watching them. Actually it's kinda nice because then it's like seeing it for the first time. ;0)

Weird thing the 2nd:
I have no eyebrows... well, I have eyebrows but you can't see them. Take a look at my picture in the last post... go ahead, I'll wait... dum de dum de du... oh your back. See what I mean? Even when you look at the giant size photo you can just barely tell that there might be something in amongst the masses of freckles. Drives me crazy. I did get them dyed once but it kinda freaked my kids out so I quit!

Weird thing the 3rd:
I love dishes (china, pottery, whatever) and have a VERY hard time not buying new ones all the time. Currently I have five sets of china (Mason's Vista, Wedgwood Ferrara, Mikasa Intaglio and masses of blue willow)... all stored in the Tuff shed out back because there is no room in the house! I also have bits and pieces of Mason's Oak and a group of various Limoges patterns out there, too. About half of these sets are family china that has come down thru my Mom to me but the others I have purchased off eBay, at flea markets, etc. Currently our everyday dishes are a set of 12 place settings of Apilco Apicius (remember there are only two of us) that I just love. Those I got at Marshalls/Home Goods at a really deep discount when Apilco discontinued them. It's ridiculous but luckily my hubbie has learned to put up with it. I'm just hoping that the kids settle down soon so I can give them each a set! (I'm also hoping I grow out of this phase soon... I'm running out of sheds!)

Weird thing the 4th:
I hate to pay full price for anything and getting a great bargain (see deep discounted Apilco above) makes me so happy I just dance around like a little kid and clap my hands with joy! There is nothing... well, there might be one or two things ;0) (but only a couple!)... better than a great bargain!

Weird thing the 5th:
I have a really loud wicked cackle for a laugh... I used to try and keep it under wraps but now that I have reached a "certain age" I don't give a hoot so I just let it rip. Laughing is so good for the soul... ya' just gotta let go once in a while!

So... that's it for the weird things... I'm really glad there were only five!!

Next post I'll have pictures of the disaster that is my workroom to share with you. Somewhere in there is a box containing everything I need to return to this set of blocks and continue working on the 100 Details in 100 Days. Hopefully I'll find it this week sometime!


Anonymous said...

Okay, none of this is very wierd except the eyebrows thing. I don't know if we can handle that...

Jane Ann said...

Uh, I can attest to the wierdness of #3 ... My name is Jane Ann and I'm a china junkie. Especially red Staffordshire. Many, many pieces. Is your "Vista" red? Did you buy it from me on eBay????

Marty52 said...

Oh, Rian... I promise to dye them if you'll let me stay around?!! ;0)

jane ann, the Mason's Vista (yes, it is red) was my grandmothers china. She received it as a 25th Wedding Anniversary gift. It's so good to "meet" someone else who is addicted to china! Hee!

LDF said...

Those are all WEIRD things? Are you sure? REALLY? (And I always thought I was ;-) relatively normal . . . ) Seriously, I can SO relate over the invisible eyebrows!

Rissa said...

What a scream, I read yours and thought...holy cow, I could have written that...except that I still have part of my eyebrows. I used to have big old Brooke Shields eyebrows, then after my thyroid problems they really thinned out, especially on the outer edges.

I collect pretty teacups, but I also have a jones for china in general. I almost named my blog "Wedgewood Blue", since I live on Wedgewood street.

I definitely love a you, it gives me a thrill to get a really good deal!

I also have a very identifiable loud cackle and guffaw...and I can not control it.