Monday, October 23, 2006

Missing CQ found

Well, I finally found the missing box of CQ blocks that I made up for the 100 Details. Of course, as always, it was in a large box that I had already looked in at least 3 times. That's what I get for being lazy and not digging all the way to the bottom! I felt so much better after it was found... I didn't get any time to stitch but it's sitting by my chair, just waiting. ;0)

Got a lot of work done in my sewing room, too. We finally decided the best thing to do was move most of the stuff out and into the spare room. Then we moved the sewing machine and a couple other tables around till they formed one big work area in the center of the room. After that, there was more room to stash boxes of fabric... whoa, do I have fabric! Gah! I also made sure I had room to leave one wall open for a design wall... I really like that idea cuz it is soooo hard to visualize how a quilt is going to look by laying it out on the floor. No pictures yet, but hopefully by this weekend it will be together enuff to start using some of that fabric.

We also moved a couple pieces of excess furniture out of the main living area and that made a big difference. I was trying to use a display case and an old bookcase that weren't right for the house. ::sigh:: The bookcase we moved out into the storage shed, as it is an old, make-do cheap one that will work well for storing stuff on. Hopefully I can sell the display case via eBay or craigslist and at least get some of what I paid for it. Now that it is out of the house, everything feels much roomier.

On a surreal note... I am now older than my father was when he died. Our birthdays were right next to each other, and he died on Oct 22nd, 1979, at the age of 53. Such a long time ago and yet it seems like yesterday. I was working as a 911/police dispatcher in a small Wyoming town and my mother called at 1:00 am to tell me my Dad wasn't breathing and to get the ambulance over there right away. He was gone within hours, victim of a massive coronary. That was pretty surreal, too.

Sorry, don't mean to be a downer... more upbeat news on next post. Hopefully there will be actual stitching content!! :0)


Jane Ann said...

My father died suddenly--and alone--29 years ago, when I was 29 and he was 60. In another year or so I will be 60. I suppose it will be odd. Among other reactions I felt I'd lost half my history. One of the two people who'd known me my whole life was gone. Makes me think my childhood will really be over when my mother dies. Guess it's time anyway.

On a lighter note, PLEASE post pics of your new sewing room. I'm very nosy! I love seeing other peoples' sewing spaces--they really are important to us, aren't they? They say a lot about us.

Anonymous said...

Me too! I want to see pictures of your new home!!! And not just the sewing room. I love looking at people's houses.

Oh my, 53 is such a young age to go. That's a long time to miss your dad.

debraspincic said...

Just like Jane Ann and Rian, I love seeing where creativity happens! I'll check back for pictures.

Chin up about your dad.