Wednesday, June 20, 2007

French Knots and Laundry Rooms


In between buckets of TSP laden water and coats of paint, I have managed to get a few French knots done... but only a few.
French knots
So, I thought I'd put a couple of pictures of other times I have used French Knots. This little gecko was done for a Bags of Fun Challenge, also with Sharon B.
Small gecko

And these I did on Josh and Beth's ringbearer's pillow:
J for Josh B for Beth

Laundry Room:

After much futzing around and a couple of rather tart discussions, we are pretty much done with painting the laundry room. Once it cures a bit, we'll tape the top of the wall and touch up the ceiling where we have some oops spots, but otherwise, I'm happy with it!
After 3 After 2
It's to the point where we can do laundry again, thank heavens! We still have to move the electrical hookup for the dryer over next to the washer, as well as chisel a hole through the brick wall for the vent. Hopefully we can tackle that this weekend, 'cause, man, do we need to clean! The whole house is trashed with everything that came out of the laundry room and the usual cleaning bits haven't been done because we've been painting, etc. It's starting to give ME the willies, so you know it is bad! ;0)

We also need to take the old door off and change those nasty hinges. The hinges we will change this weekend; however, the door itself will have to wait until we are ready to tackle the kitchen. We'll be using the old kitchen door in this opening since it is a much nicer door. We're getting there!

Midsummer Night:
I sent off the paints and fabric to Nat today so I'm hoping he'll get some actual fabric painting done this weekend. Yay! I can't wait to see the fairy he comes up with.

I'll be back on Friday, see you then!


Gerry said...

You did a great job with these stitches. The gecko is a hoot! And congrats on the laundry room...nice color.

Debra Spincic said...

My favorite color in the whole world; all over my house!

Great little gecko!

Rian said...

I love the gecko! I was going to mention that you and Debra vie for the most colorful house.

Susan said...

Don't know how I missed this post the other night when I went around. Love your gecko!

Lisa said...

I love the gecko - very cool!

Samantha said...

Fabulous color in that laundry room! I have a bathroom very near that shade- isn't it fun to live with such great color?

Rissa said...

Wow, I just adore the lizard! He is fabulous.