Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekend plans

I want to make the center panel/block of my Midsummer quilt a picture of Titania, Queen of the Fairies. There are many depictions of her out there that are copywrite free that I could use, but I wanted something special, of course! I am not an artist and I was wracking my brain about how to do this and then that little light went on again... my oldest son is a fine amateur artist... ah, hah! So, I called him and he's going to do a painting on fabric of a sleeping Titania. Yay! I want to wait for the center panel before I do any of the piecing but depending on how long it takes him [procrastination runs in the family -- ;0)] I may have to forge ahead without it but, for now, I'll just gather fabrics, trims, and ideas.

I really won't have time this weekend for stitching, anyway. Last Sunday we pulled all the old cabinets out of the laundry room and this weekend we are going to be painting it so we can put other cabinets in and move the dryer. Right now the dryer is across the room from the washer and is VERY inconvenient. I can only assume that when the house was built, they didn't have a dryer, so they put in a big cabinet instead:
Before 1
That dark icky yellow color to the right of the washer is where the cabinet was. Here's the door to the outside:
Before 6
And here's the dryer across the room:
Before 2
Convenient, huh? So this weekend, like it or not, will be spent cleaning the walls with TSP, priming and painting. Not my idea of fun; however, it needs to be done so I guess we'll crank up the tunes and just do it!

I HAVE been doing some beading on my
Take a Stitch Tuesday block. Here's a picture of the Running Stitch and the Bonnet Stitch after they have been beaded.
Bonnet Stitch - beaded

That's all for now... see you on Monday!


Allison Ann Aller said...

So meaningful and cool to get your son involved in your upcoming major project...that is worth a little wait, for sure!

Jane Ann said...

Marty, it's wonderful how much you're enjoying your embroidery. Your work is beautiful. And how fun to get one of your kids involved with your work.

Sharkeysday said...

So, how did the room turn out?

Susan said...

Another one that you made look so attractive. Sorry that the laundry room work had to be postponed another week, but I know it will be great when it's finished.