Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Marriage Occurs

Well, the Wild Child and his Sweetie tied the knot on April 13th, their daughter's 1st birthday. They've been planning on getting married sometime this fall but the Wild Child wanted it over and done with so they stood up before a Justice of the Peace, with their best friends, in Boulder, Colorado and became ONE.

We didn't find out about it until the night before, but at least he wasn't able to keep it a complete secret! Needless to say, the Wild Child likes doing things on the spur of the moment. I'm a bit upset that we weren't given enough notice so at least one of us could be there; however, I always knew, deep down in my heart, that he would do it this way, so it really wasn't a surprise. Still not very happy about it, but such is life. We just keep on keepin' on!

I have been reliably informed that lots of pictures were taken and a CD containing said pictures should appear in my mailbox soon. I'll share those when I get them; however, until then, here is a picture of the Wild Child and his Sweetie, shortly after they met about 2 years ago.

Randy & Beth

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Mrs. Mel said...

I don't have your email, so this will have to do. I have a contact person for the Tucson guild, so email me and I will connect you two.
You know how to find me.
And congratulations on the unattended wedding.