Thursday, April 13, 2006

Research: Monogrammed antique linens

In preparation for making some wedding crazy quilt blocks for my sons, I've been doing some internet research. I came upon this wonderful sight that has some absolutely fabulous monogrammed linens. Now, I probably wouldn't spend what they want me to pay; however, the eye candy is something else and has given me alllll kinds of ideas for monograms on the wedding blocks.

Take a look at "Em's Heart Antique Linens" Truly incredible works of art from women of the past. She also has some great tips on caring for antique linens.


Jacqui said...

Hello :) and welcome to blogland.

Lovely to see your new venture Marty and I look forward to lots of news about the progress of your wedding cq.

Great link by the way.

Marli said...

Hi Marty,

Glad to see someone else enjoys some of the fantastic linen treasures from the past! I've been collecting linens (all kinds) for some time and completely enjoy stumbling across antique or vintage matelasse bedspreads! I have some offered on-line if you'd like to see-

It's really amazing how so often you run across a fabulous piece, dirty from years of storage (or use!) and getting them cleaned up nice & white again! And just as you're planning for your sons weddings, they do make fantastic wedding gifts!

My compliments on a great blog!