Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reasons to Look Ahead Before Starting to Blog

The past few weeks have been so busy in my normally quiet, sedate life that I haven't had one single minute of stitching time.

First, I spent a week here in Wakefield, Massachusetts taking a class:
Sheraton - Wakefield

A labor of love followed, updating a map of Phoenix with all the Mid-Century Modern neighborhoods for a day of ModernPhoenix seminars and home tours:

ModernPhoenix map

Then, I spent too many hours filling out forms from everyone's favorite place: irslogo

Next, the actual home tours in a beautiful Phoenix neighborhood called Paradise Gardens:

House #6

House #6 - A

Then, finally, signing a contract to sell this house in Colorado (blurry photo courtesy of Google Earth):

Longmont house

I am so glad my life will get back to it's normal self soon. And so very glad I will actually have time to do some piecing and stitching this weekend!

As soon as I put away the piles o' papers, etc. that have accumulated... sigh...

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