Friday, April 14, 2006

My Family Linens

Well, after much digging thru boxes last night I finally found my stash of family linens. They have been boxed up since we moved from Colorado 18 months ago and I was afraid they were going to be buried so far back in the pile I wouldn't be able to find them!

I guess I should explain a bit here. I was transferred rather unexpectedly from Colorado to Phoenix and had family living in our house in Colorado so couldn't sell the house up there so we couldn't buy a house down here sooo... well, long story short, we're living in a very small apartment till our house sells and everything that is not absolutely essential is still boxed up. But I found the linens!!

This beautiful little doily has petitpoint roses stitched with silk in the center medallion, then the net doily is darned, I believe. It is 5" or 13cm across. I'm still learning the correct terms so please bear with me! This has been my favorite since childhood, the roses are so exquisite... I just love them! This one will be used in a CQ block for me!!

This is a larger doily that is 8" or 20cm across. It is also a net doily but is not really darned. I love the roses in this one.

There are more pictures of some I have scanned on my flickr site:

I don't want to post too many here since I'm not too sure of myself yet!


Chloe said...

These are beautifil. I cut up other people's doilies (I buy them in junk shops) but am not sure I can cut up family ones. These would look stunning framed on velvet.

I had a look at the other stuff on Flickr - that was a treat and a half.

Marty52 said...

I probably won't cut any of these up... if I use them it will be as a whole piece. I do have a couple of pieces that have candle wax (oops!) on them or are damaged... I'll be cutting up them up. Also have quite a few that I have picked up at flea markets and garage sales that I will actually cut up, too. I just want to use some of the family ones so they are seen and admired, not hidden away in a drawer! At least that's the plan...