Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Wedding "Block" begins

I've been super busy with work and other regular life happenings, but was able to spend some time this weekend working thru designs for a wedding block. At first it was the large block with a center heart to hold names and dates but that was too... something. Then it morphed into a fan with the names and dates in a heart at the bottom of the fan... nope, not quite right. But I really liked the heart idea so I started playing around with that. After several different arrangements, this is what I have come up with.

Hearts CQ Plan

Each of the hearts will be an encrusted CQ heart, with the largest heart having names and the date in it, and then one of the smaller hearts having their picture in it. I'm hoping one of the pictures from the wedding will be suitable; however, if not, I'll just use the picture from the last post. Of course, all this may change in the final version, but it is a start!

I was also able to get some of the linens washed and ironed last night. I want to just jump in and start piecing but I know I'll really regret it if I don't wash everything first, so I'm trying to be patient... sigh... it's soooooo hard! I'll wash more up tonight and then hopefully spend some time piecing this weekend.

All for now!

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Jo in NZ said...

Marty, this is a great idea ( filing away for next wedding). Wild Child and his true love look very happy in the previous photo.
If your hearts are going to be anything like your class block, I would go with a plain background, maybe still pieced but just one colourway. However you do it, it will look fabulous.
I'm glad you have a blog, make sure and use it!