Saturday, May 20, 2006

8" Wedding Heart Finished

The 8" Wedding Heart is finished...

8 in CQ - done
The upper right corner is the only part that doesn't really trip my trigger... when I first did it I thought I had screwed it up but then as I did the left side it started to pull together better. I love the left button/bead cluster... it had a life of it's own and just flowed!

8 in CQ heart - left

Then, when I came to the bottom I was stumped... the top was bright and bold and completely overshadowed the lace at the bottom, which I had intended to pretty much leave alone. I filled in the leaves with french knots and that worked OK... but I was still unsure about the flower. First I thought about buttons.. covering the lace flower with a flower of buttons... didn't work. Then, I was thinking maybe silk ribbon embroidery... but I'm not very good at that yet and this is an important piece. Maybe beads... but there was alot of beading already and I wanted to move in a different direction. As I sat contemplating my naval... er... the Wedding Heart, I looked up and the varigated orange perle cotton was waving it's little hand frantically at me and a light went on... so I just used satin stitch to fill in the voids in the lace rose.
8 in CQ heart - bottom
I like it!


Allison said...

This has got such an original approach...just love how you pulled everything together..the variegated perle satin stitch in the lace was inspired!!!

Sharkeysday said...

I just love the lace with the stitching in it! What a great idea and I adore orange...VERY VERY COOL!