Sunday, May 07, 2006

Progress on the 9" Wedding Heart

I've been working on this heart most of the week. The colors from the wedding were orange and white so I went with that. This couple is not exactly the crazy quilt type, so this will probably end up being rather unique! ;0)

9 in CQ heart001

The writing is done in varigated #8 Perle cotton. The buttons are carved Mother of pearl (MOP) and the beads are glass. This is probably all I'll be doing to it at this stage. Once it is on the backing, I'll probably extend the button cluster off the edge of the heart.

It has given me fits at times! I used a disappearing pen to write the names and words. It took several tries to get the spacing correct and then I couldn't get all the ink out. This pen disappears when sprayed with water but then it seems to appear in bits and pieces around the edge of where I wet it down. It was like it was migrating to the edges. So I wet it again and then, even when it all had seemed to disappear, when I ironed it the ink came back. Gah!!!

Finally I just got all the writing embroidered and then, after pinning it to the edge of the ironing board, I just wet the heck out of it (until water was running off the end) and left it to dry. That finally got all the ink out. I was rather relieved to say the least!

This is the 8" heart, with the happy couple in the center.

8 in CQ heart001

The picture is rather dark, but once I have it embroidered I think it will be OK. At least I hope so!!

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