Friday, May 12, 2006

eBay Goodies

This month I have been seduced way too many times by eBay; however, at least I have loot to show for it!!

Rick rack
This is 75 packages of rick rack... all vintage and many different colors with varying shades of those colors... yummy! I've been watching the auctions for awhile but usually they have stretch seam binding and seam lace, etc. in with the rick rack. This one was all rick rack and I jumped on it. Very nice, mostly baby sized but some larger.

Then came the #8 perle cotton, all varigated.
#8 Perle cotton
I wasn't too sure about getting this much all at one time, but I figured it was a decent price and a good way to get lots of colors so I went for it. I've been using the orange and yellow on the wedding hearts and I really like it. I've always used stranded floss before this and I'm finding that the perle cotton gives a much "cleaner" stitch that I really like. I also like that I can either use it as varigated so that the colors flow in and out along a seam, or I can concentrate on just using the lighter or darker sections to get the effect I want. Very cool!

I also got some nice, carved mother of pearl buttons:
MOP buttons

and some of German crystal, gold laced glass and rhinestone oddments:
Buttons - crystal-rhinestone
I'm looking forward to incorporating some of these in the wedding hearts, too. Not too sure about how I'll used the buckles, though... maybe I'll use them on a bigger block and weave some ribbon or lace thru them. I'll definitely have fun playing with them, I can guarantee that!

All for now... I've been working diligently on my second wedding heart and it's almost ready for public review... hopefully I'll have it up this weekend...

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!!

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