Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In the Home Stretch

We had a quiet holiday weekend, spending most of the day watching a war movie marathon. Hubbie and I are both veterans (US Navy) and being baby boomers, we grew up on WWII movies. They are still some of our faves. All this movie watching provided plenty of time for stitching... in between loads of laundry.

7 in begun
Here is the 7" block with seam treatments and encrusting begun. This block will snuggle in with the block containing the bridal couple so I added a button cluster to mirror the one on the other block.

I spent some time working out the seam treatments. I used one that I had seen at Chloe's Place (go to top of screen).
7 in seam treatment C
Her's has a bit more going on with it, but I wanted mine simpler.

This is one I came up with myself... I'm sure it's not original but I haven't seen one like it before (click to make bigger).
7 in seam treatment
It's a double herringbone stitch, gathered with a single stitch, then lazy daisy stitches in the vees. It almost looks like a candle to my eye.

Here's is the third seam treatment.
7 in seam treatment B
I kept this one simple, also, to allow the french(?) edging on the linen napkin to show. This is a family piece, although I don't think it was done by them. It has a faded blue stamp along the seam that says "Made in England."

I'm rather anxious to get the blocks done so I can begin attaching them to the backing. Here is the 9" block (I did more work on it) laid out on a piece of batik that may become the backing.
9 in CQ further work
I like it but may change it out for something a bit darker. Although, I just remembered that Beth likes lime green so I may leave it. We'll see how the hearts look on it after I have them hemmed.

Speaking of hemming, that's the next hurdle. I have to decide how I want to do that... any suggestions?

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