Monday, June 05, 2006

Applique Happens

I spent most of the weekend working on my Wedding CQ. The 7" Heart was finished with the addition of this to the lower left side:
Pearl button
This is a very large mother of pearl button surrounded by pearls and beads. I really didn't want to add the lines of pearls across the top; however, the button kept popping up above the pearls around it and it was making me crazy so I went with the extra pearls.

This "star" was addedto the upper left side:
Swarovski star
This is two buttons and lots of FireOpal Swarovski crystals (so gorgeous) and other beads.

Then came the true test... attaching the hearts to the backing. I used hand-dyed cotton and simply appliqued them on thusly:
Appliqued on backing
The addition of the hearts to the plain backing is going to work well, I think. I am adding batting (Warm & Natural cotton) and then another piece of the hand-dyed fabric on the back.

The next step is to quilt and embellish the quilt sandwich. I know it probably isn't true CQ, but the hearts look a little lonely on that wide expanse of backing and I've been wanting to do some other types of embellishing so I'm gonna go for it! I'm going to audition some threads, etc. tonight so we'll see what happens!

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Susan said...

This looks great. I really like the additional pearly lines added on top of the button. It's lovely.