Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Weekend "on the Web"

There has been progress on the Wedding CQ Web...
Web nearly done
This is a horrendous picture but I had trouble getting a better one. Hopefully I will get a good picture when it is finished.

I made three types of lines on the web. Chain stitch using perle cotton, couched rayon thread and strings of beads of various shades of green. In the center I put a couple of beads and a star of bugles to echo the stars on the hearts.
Web nearly done - closeup
Another horrible picture. I think I better read the camera manual again! But at least you get an idea of what it looks like.

Working on this large piece has been a bit of a challenge. I finally bought a table from an office supply store that is on casters. I strategically placed the table between my chair and the TV so I had prime viewing for Sunday's "Midsomer Murders." It worked very well for the long radiating lines of the web, allowing me to stretch out the thread and align it properly. The large wheels worked well too, allowing me to gently push the table away from me without pouring beads all over the place!

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