Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Background Plans for the Wedding Hearts CQ

So... I printed several copies of the heart template so I could do some playing and figure out how I would treat the background. Here is the original:

Hearts CQ Plan

Here is design one:
Art hearts
I like this one alot; however, it would really only work as a pieced background. Since I have already attached the hearts to the solid background, it will have to wait for a later incarnation. heh... anyway...

here is design two:
Heart pool
This one makes me happy. I like the way the hearts are cradled by the quilting... how the quilting ripples outward like a pool of water from the hearts. I would use perle cotton interspersed with beads and probably french knots. I like that part, too... the combination of the simple stitches with the beads would be very cool.

Then we have design three:
Hearts in spider web
This, I think, is probably the winner for this piece. You may or may not be able to tell on the not-so-great picture but the Wild Child has tattoos everywhere... and, he is an ornamental iron worker who makes tables that look like spider webs... and, he really liked the spider web on Leigh's goth pillow. So... I think this piece will have the spider web on the background. I must say that the hearts look like they are suspended on the spider web, and that's pretty cool, too.

I'll use this perle cotton and these bead mixes:
Beads and perle cotton

Keep your fingers crossed that I've made the right decision. Heh.


Laurie said...

Great designs! I love them all, but the 2nd one is fabulous!

Allison said...

The spiderweb background has the most pizzazz for sure. Can't wait to see it!