Thursday, June 15, 2006

Beginnings of a Web

I spent the entire weekend working on my spider web. This is how far I got...
Web begins 2
It's not a very good picture... sorry. Anyway, I got all the rays done. They are done with a heavy German rayon thread couched down with perle cotton. The German rayon is beautiful but a real bear to work with. It took a couple of trys to get the method down but we finally got along pretty good.

I have begun the cross pieces with strings of beads. The plan is to do some crossings with beads and some with thread to give it some interest. I did the beading Monday night but haven't touched it since. I think I'm a little burned out on it, but will get going again tonight. I need to get it done!

Other news... since our house in Colorado sold last month we are out from under that burden. I called my realtors mortgage broker yesterday and found out that we can buy a house anytime with 0% down payment. Hurray!! Oh, I know it is not ideal but what it means is that we don't have to wait a year to buy a house and in Phoenix that is a good thing. Housing prices have gone thru the roof here... in 2004 they went up about 48%. It was slightly better in 2005, going up only something like 36%. The market is now flooded with homes, whereas last year there were bidding wars going on. It is now a buyer's market and that is a wonderful thing for us. And I am soooooo tired of living in a little apartment. Everything is still in boxes and there is no room to work correctly... whine!!!! LOL! Anyway, I am a very happy camper!!

I'm also planning my next 16 CQ projects... ;0) I have all these ideas in my head and I need to get started on some of them. First off, my youngest son and his fiance have asked me to make their ring-bearer's pillow for their wedding in September. Her wedding gown is off-white with emerald ribbons and the wedding will have an autumn/harvest theme going on. The plan is to make it a pillow case so they can remove the pillow and just frame up the CQ after the wedding. I'm still working out how that will be done but am anxious to get going on it.

All for now... will try to be a better blogger; however, Blogger doesn't always cooperate!!

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Allison said...

This is such a unique is just terrific, and will be treasured for decades.
Congratulations on being able to find your new home soon...your productivity is going to soar when you have space to spread out all your CQ necessaries...