Sunday, November 12, 2006

Beginning Week 2

We worked a good bit on the house this weekend so I didn't have too much time left to get some work done on the lesson for Week 2, but I did get a start.

I had some 14 count Aida that I decided to play with on this lesson. I cut it in two pieces and then couldn't find my pen that dissolves when spritzed with water anywhere, sooooo... I just grabbed the chalk pencil and played with that.
Week 2 - curve
As I made the curve across the piece of fabric, I just kept going until I got a curve I liked. Hopefully this mess will wash out... if not, lesson learned! I did finally manage to find the dissolving pen, oddly enuff, it was in my sewing basket... imagine that! Hee!

I took the same type of curve and laid it out on the other piece of Aida fabric, this time just with a few points, using the dissolving pen. Then I added a few of the double circles from the lesson along the curve and started stitching:
Week 2 - points

I only got one of the double circles done tonight, but it's a start!
Week 2 - 1st point

All for now... thanks so much for the comments, especially on the Veteran's Day post... it means alot to me.

Nite, nite!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, that's a real pretty stitch. I might have to put that one on my CQ piece that has been put on the shelf (but is yelling at me).

Leanne Hurren said...

This circle is GORGEOUS Marty! Love the colours and the knots. I wasn't going to do that part of the exercises but now I've seen this I have to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that circle is great! It gives me great ideas to experiment with. :)

kay susan said...

Love that sunburst!

Susan said...

Oh, I like that one, too.