Friday, November 10, 2006

Week 1 - Stitching done

I finished the last bit of embroidery on the Week 1 Sampler for the Personal Library of Stitches class at

Week 1 - stitching done

The border is Portuguese stitch in #3 Perle Cotton. Once I got the hang of it, I really like this stitch and it goes pretty quickly. It's a nice, beefy stitch that could carry quite a bit of impact on a Crazy Quilt block. I will probably add something under the date because that looks rather empty and I'm quite sure that some beads will brighten up this sampler before I'm done.

I've been thinking about lesson 2 off and on all day. Working with points should make an interesting sampler!

We did quite a bit of work tonight on the craft room. Glenn said he would help get it straightened out if he got at least one flat surface in the room to call his own. I thought it was pretty nervy of him to ask for a corner to play in but I finally gave in... LOL!


Allison said...

Great work, Marty! I didn't have time to take the class with you all, but your pictures sure help me feel like I'm in the loop.

debraspincic said...

What size is your sampler? Nice work!

I added a second section to mine so stop by and have a look see.