Thursday, November 16, 2006

Week 2 with Week 3 coming up from behind

Thanks so much for the well wishes... after a little extra sleep last night I'm feeling better. Luckily I didn't have to resort to the onion, Allison! I started on anibiotics last weekend but they didn't fully kick-in until today and I was fried. I'm still not at full force yet, but I'm getting there. :0)

I laid out a line of points along a curve. They are in this picture, but are rather hard to see.
Week 2 - points

Anyway, I started with another of the large points... boy, I really like these double circles... they really have lots of opportunities for playing!
Week 2 - 2nd point
This is done using #3 perle cotton and I really like it!

Here is a whipped stitch done in a #12 perle cotton:
Week 2 - whipped stitch

Then, I tried a vintage bead... it's an oval so it didn't work quite as well but I think it is OK and I got to play with this concept.
Week 2 - whipped bead
I used silk floss for it but it would definitely work much better using perle cotton. Like SharonB said, perle cotton is really the way to go on these kind of stitches. The floss just lays too flat.

I still have so much more to cover in this lesson and the lesson for Week 3 is already here! Gah! Hopefully I'll be able to catch up, but if not, I'll just work on it later! Now... I'm off to read this week's lesson.

Nighty night!


debraspincic said...

Nice work! I messed around with the circles too. This week's lesson looks like I will be able to continue my chain stitch exploration and do some lines.

I'm not worried if I don't do much the week the lesson is presented because I can always go to the notes when I have a particular project. But, it is good to experiment and I need that. . .

ElizabethD said...

i love the circle you rendered in the #3 pearl, with the rays separating the long-arm detached chain stitch!

hope those antibiotics do the job fast. ear infections can be so painful. as i read your blog i found myself grimacing in sympathy.

Susan said...

They are all nice, but I *really* like the top one.

I hope you ear is already better. Ear aches are the worst! No wonder babies are so fussy with them.

Leanne Hurren said...

These are gorgeous (especially the pink ones - my favourite colour! I like th eone with the bead aswell, I found that quite difficult to do and my one didn't work at all, it kept sliding down the bead!) I haven't even read lesson 3 yet