Thursday, November 02, 2006

My stitching spot...

Morning, kiddies!

Last week, Allie of Works in Progress showed us all her favorite stitching spot and asked others to do the same, so I thought I would.

Here is my current favorite spot... my old chair in the living room, with my Ott Lite looming over the back... Glenn calls this my "nest." His chair is on the other side of the table to the right, and this is where we sit in the evenings. My hoop in it's stand is on the stool to the left, with my sewing basket underneath. On the arm of my chair is a very cool little setup that includes a pin cushion, a magnet, and a trash holder for bits of thread, etc. Currently the arm of the chair works for this; however, it may move back to the table if I keep bumping into it!
Stitching spot
This chair has seen better days, it badly needs to have the leather cleaned and reconditioned, and the foot rest is cracked in the middle (as a result of my oldest son's temper, but we won't go there!) so it sags a bit but it is still the most comfy chair in the house. I have problems with my back and this chair is perfect for it and I just hope I can find another comfy one when we go looking for matching chairs sometime this winter.

There on the table you will see two small dishes, one full of beads. These are great for holding bead mixes, they fit very comfortably into my hand and the interior has a smooth, rounded bottom (well... that sounded a bit risque, didn't it?) that allows the needle to slide thru without hanging up on anything. Actually, they are avocado dishes but are absolutely perfect for this. They sit easily on the arm of the chair or the table and I love 'em! I have four of them but typically only use one or two at a time. The second one is there in case I need another color of bead mix.

I have to admit that I did straighten up a bit before I took the picture, my nest is usually not so tidy. Typically there is a pile of magazines and/or books to one side or the other of the chair, a day or two's worth of mail on the table and a heating pad hanging over the back of the chair to soothe my back. I think you probably get the picture! LOL!

All for now, talk to you tomorrow!


sharonb said...

Hay I want to se what is on that hoop LOL - it looks too tidy- goodluck with the daily posts

Anonymous said...

Nice nest. You will be surprised at the array of comfortable recliners out there. I know you'll find a good one. Careful--daily posting can become an addiction. But I look at it like doing the Artists Way morning pages. It's good for the soul. What is that blue piece hanging on the wall? I can't make it out...

Marty52 said...

Sharon... I know it's too tidy... but I couldn't put it out here in it's natural state!

Rian... that blue piece on the wall is actually the top of a coffee table. It's teak with inlaid glass pieces and I love it. I got it off eBay and the legs were just too wobbly to hold it safely so we decided to hang it. Eventually we're going to get a light fixed to illuminate it... it's dazzling in the light!

Allison said...

I loved this post, brought me right into your living room on a visit! Your nest looks like a scene of great contentment.
(p.s I have a hole in the plaster of my older son's room that must be a similar momento to your cracked foot rest; my son is embarrassed by it now!)

Anonymous said...

Your nest looks great Marty..
The chair looks very comfy, and that's all that matters.
I see you have many happy stitching hours there in that chair..