Sunday, November 05, 2006

More sampler progress

Today, while watching several "Midsomer Murders" on the Biography Channel (my favorite TV show lately), I got a few more lines done on my sampler for Week 1.

2nd treatment

From top to bottom these are:

Top - Filled feather stitch done with 3 strands of silk floss and down the center are blue feather stitches done with 2 strands of silk floss and 1 strand of Kreinik metallic braid.

Middle - Two lines of running stitch in #3 perle cotton bracketing a line of Portuguese stitch, also in #3 perle cotton.

Bottom - Double laced herringbone stitch done with 3-ply silk floss laced with 1 strand of Caron Impressions and 1 strand of Kreinik metallic thread.

After spending some time working these stitches, I can really see where working samplers can significantly improve the quality and the quantity of stitches in my basket of tricks. I love the way the linen feels while I'm working it; however, I do believe that the next time I buy linen to use for samplers it won't be 28-count. I think I'll go for 18- or 20-count... these old eyes would thank me for that!

More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wowzer. You are giving me inspiration to pick up my CQ embroidery again.

Susan said...

The stitches on the sampler look lovely and well practiced!

Allison said...

Very nice looking work, Marty! Thanks for showing it to us....