Saturday, November 18, 2006

Granny Gran's quilt

Glenn's grandmother made this quilt in the seventies, by hand. She made quilts like this to earn enough money to keep body and soul together for herself (she buried three husbands!) when she got older - money was verra short. She would cut various pieces of fabric and old clothes into squares, fold the square into a triangle and stuff with polyester batting. Then she would bottonhole stitch the triangles closed. When she had a bunch made, she'd sit and start putting them together into squares until she had a quilt. Then she'd sell it and start another one. She gave each of her many grandchildren a quilt over the years, and this is ours.

Here it is full-size:
GrannyGran quilt

and here's a closeup:
GrannyGran quilt - closeup
We're going to put it up at the end of the hall by the bedrooms, it will fit perfectly there. It's a simple quilt but made with loving hands, so it is precious to us.

Tomorrow I hope to get started on the lesson for Week 3 in the Library of Personal Stitches class. We're trying like crazy to get the house FINALLY put together this weekend but, one way or another, I'll be putting my butt in that recliner and doing some serious stitching tomorrow!!

See ya'!

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Anonymous said...

It's amazingly bright and colorful! (hmmm, 70s--polyester?) It is indeed precious. My grandma crocheted afghans for all of us, over 35 years ago. We still have them. They're packed away in the rafters, but we still have them...